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ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager

SRP Zuid

In a world that is increasingly digitized and in which connectivity is more obvious than ever, ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager fits in seamlessly with these developments. This state-of-the-art cloud solution facilitates energy monitoring, analysis and optimization. With this information, end users can reduce costs in a targeted manner, increase safety & comfort and improve efficiency. The application can be found in industry, data centres, public buildings including hotels, healthcare institutions and shopping malls.

The possibilities?

  • 20% savings on the energy bill
  • 30% savings on operational costs
  • 40% savings on maintenance costs
  • 100% prevention of unplanned outages

With the deployment of ABB Ability Energy and Asset Manager, SRP Zuid ensures the customer a sustainable, economical and safe installation. The system is fully equipped for energy management according to the ISO50001 standard. By means of a plug-and-play design, it is also possible to install this smart solution in an existing distributor.

ROI Calculator

More insight into your energy consumption, safer panels, predictive maintenance and a more sustainable end product. Curious about what this can mean for you? Fill in the Return On Investment Calculator now and immediately receive a (free) calculation. Only interested in what this smart solution can bring you in the field of Energy Management? By only adding your situation, financial parameters and your Energy Management information, you will immediately receive a calculation for these parameters.